“Milkwoods are Trees of Wholeness because it emanates a deep sense of belonging and connection to the Earth and all living beings.” Platbos African Tree Essences


Melkboom Self-catering Villa is named after the Milkwood tree Sideroxylon inerme. A remnant of a forest of milkwoods is found in Seaview Drive, Franskraal. The trees form a thick and cool canopy in backyards not visible from the street.

In the olden days Overberg families camped under the milkwood canopies that was large enough to house tents, people, vehicles, animals and whatever they needed for a three-month retreat away from the farm.

Milkwoods grow along the south and east coast of South Africa and is one of the few trees that can withstand the harsh salty sea winds. Milkwood Trees are protected and may not be pruned excessively or removed without permission. 

Book now and spend a rejunevating weekend in Melkboom Self-catering Villa and return energized to the huzzle and buzzle of city life.